Start protecting the collagen in your skin

There are many cosmetic beauty products available in the market to make your skin look fairer. But these temporary results can lead to a permanent damage to your skin as these creams contain harmful chemicals. Collagen peptides are very much helpful to make you look younger naturally. Though we cannot see collagen, but it is the main ingredient of your healthy skin. Your complexion is made youthful, plump and firm by collagen.

75 to 80 percent of your dermis is made up of this natural protein. The top layer of your skin is held together by collagen fibres. New collagen is repaired and made by a healthy skin. But once you start aging there is a reduction of collagen level in your body that ultimately leads to wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

  • Start caring your collagen now

The best time when collagen can be protected against future damages is when you are relatively young. At this time the fibroblasts are at their peak to make you look beautiful. But it becomes tough to correct your skin once you start aging. Healthy skin habits must be adopted by you right now to protect your skin from looking thin and wrinkled. By exercising and eating healthy food you can take care of your collagen. Your skin can be made healthier by anything, by which oxygenation can be increased and blood can be supplied to the collagen.

  • Use antioxidants and sunscreen

The collagen level in your body can be reduced drastically only by two short exposures to UVA rays. With additional exposures the level of collagen can be increased. If you apply sunscreen at least 3 to 4 times a week you can get fairer and smooth skin with no sign of aging. Healthier collagen in your body is indicated by your smooth skin. Inflammation can be extinguished and damaging free radicals can be neutralized by using antioxidants. Collagen can be protected as well as stimulated by antioxidants.

  • Workout Routine

You can make yourself fit by doing exercise, yoga and meditation. Collagen can be built in your body if you work out regularly. It helps not only to give your figure a proper shape, but also helps to increase collagen production in your body. New and existing collagen can be organised by the beauty products that contain both retinoic acid and retinol as key ingredients. Fibroblasts and stem cells are stimulated by growth factors to encourage the production of collagen and new cells in your body.

  • Professional procedure

Collagen building can be taken to the next level by the help of professional procedures. Collagen can be built by topical treatments. These are easy and effective treatments but much time is taken by them to give results. On the other hand, there are in-office treatments. Though these treatments are bit costlier, but they offer results very quickly. These treatments help to repair worn out cells and encourage in building new collagen.

Thus, follow these above said tips to protect and build collagen in your body for making yourself look younger and glamorous.

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